If jewelry making just isn’t your thing, or you need a little inspiration, our staff is ready to help. We make our own creations that are on display for sale in the store. Feel free to copy our ideas if you would like, we’ll take it as a compliment! Searching around the store for ideas, and even picture taking are always encouraged if it helps you on your way to creating a masterpiece. Even if you aren’t much of a crafty person, but want something unique for a special occasion, we will be happy to help you find that piece or create it for you!

We also repair and clean any jewelry that you might have broken. If it looks like it was created with beads, we can fix it! We’ll take a look at anything you bring us and repair it for a small fee. Although we can fix many things, however, please remember that we are not miracle workers and some things simply cannot be saved.

We frequently host birthday parties or any other party you would like to throw. Visit the party page for more info, and to contact us about throwing your own party!

Finally, we now offer U-Paint Ceramics at the shop! If you are looking for something new to try, painting ceramics is the perfect thing to try. We offer a variety of fun and unique pieces that make great wedding gifts, birthday parties, or thank you gifts as well. The process is simple, come on in to check it out!