We offer birthday parties for both beads and ceramics, it’s your choice!

If you choose JEWELRY:

  1. Each girl (or boy) will make a stretchy bracelet to keep.
  2. We will provide a selection of beads to choose from.
  3. The cost is $10 per child, and the birthday girl is FREE (with at least 4 attendees)!

If you choose CERAMICS:

  1. Each child will paint something to take home.
  2. You can come in and choose an item for them to do, or simply choose a price limit and let the kids pick.
  3. The cost is the price of each ceramics piece, along with the kiln fee ($2.50/guest if more than 8 attendees)!

For either:

  1. Contact us with a date, time, and number of participants so we can plan for you.
  2. Bring cake, presents, snacks, whatever and of course…
  3. HAVE FUN!

Girls Night Out:

  • Get your friends together for a night of creativity and fun! Everyone paints the pottery of their choice, and gets half off their kiln fee when you have 8 participants. Bring snacks, friends, and whatever else you need for a night out and stay for a few hours!

Contact us to set up your next party!